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We deliver cloud-based GRC solutions to thousands of customers worldwide.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is essential, but that does not mean it has to be complicated.

Our mission is to empower you to improve your GRC environment – protecting your reputation, improving business resilience and optimising operational performance.

We tailor the process to your business needs, giving you full visibility and flexibility where you require it.

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Challenges you may face

The challenges you may face include . . .

Standardising your business framework

Accessing your total Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework in a single integrated environment rather than across multiple, disparate spreadsheets, documents, files, etc.

Evidencing your compliance

Demonstrating regulatory compliance and good corporate governance to both your senior management and a variety of external ‘stakeholders’, e.g. shareholders, auditors and regulators.

Supporting distributed working

Providing a modern, secure and robust solution for supporting office-based, remote and home-working employees.

Good record-keeping

Keeping a good record of related events and activities that impact your GRC environment, e.g. breaches and incidents, GDPR/FOI requests and associated actions and tasks, etc.

Eliminating single points of failure

Rather than reliance on a single person, collating and assessing GRC levels, distributing the workload to the right people in your organisation improves visibility and the quality of reporting.

Checking that you meet all the required standards

Enabling the wide variety of relevant checklists, attestations and assessments relating to, and required by, your operational, regulatory and GRC environment and providing the means for you to report on these easily.

So how can we help you?

Our web-based solution with its many linked modules, all hosted within Microsoft Azure, provides an ideal single, secure and integrated environment for all your GRC needs. Notification emails, attestations and assessments and comprehensive audit trails provide the alerts, checks and ‘evidencing’ required to demonstrate good governance, risk management and compliance.

Benefits of our solutions


From a small business with a few users to multinational institutions, our solution adapts to the size of your organisation.


A full complement of integrated governance, risk management and compliance modules which can be tailored and combined to address your specific needs.


A highly configurable solution that fits in with your existing working practices such as language, terminology and hierarchy.


It is easy to use, fast to implement and immediately understandable, making it simple for you to get up and running.

Our approach

Our clients are at the heart of GRC ONE.

We are proud to be customer-centric by design, placing the utmost value on our customers’ needs, whilst building and fostering a mutual beneficial relationship.

Our team comprises a mix of senior market and industry professionals who, between them, hold an extensive range of experiences and expertise. This combined knowledge is used by us to understand your requirements, in turn helping with the implementation of successful solutions that best fit your needs.

Combining our experience with yours means that there is little we cannot achieve together.