Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is GRC ONE™ right for me ?


GRC ONE™ facilitates the allocation of risks, controls, documents, actions and incidents to multiple users, each with their own login to the system. This allows the workflow within the system to come alive, enabling the real distribution of responsibilities and allowing anyone in the organisation to run a risk assessment 

Data can be scrutinised to discover key information and current weaknesses, then reports can be run real time without having to wait for someone to provide them to you.

Q2: Where will my data be held and will it be safe ?


Absolutely. GRC ONE™ is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud network, one of the most secure and modern hosting environments available at this present time. Our software engineers follow industry best practice during the development process, and we regularly complete security testing to check our systems remain safe and secure.


Q3: How many users will I need ?


You will need a minimum of 1 user on the system, however to get the most GRC ONE™, you should have a user for every person who is responsible for managing or mitigating a risk within your organisation.

Q4: I have little risk management experience, is it easy to use ? 

The system has been built for users with all levels of ability. In addition we have a free support line should you require it. 

Q5: Can you provide help to implement our Risk Management system ? 

Yes, GRC ONE™ has a team of exceptional risk specialists, who are both conversant with our software, but also with the needs of the various industry sectors. A typical implementation will take no more than 3 working days, and can be completed in as little as a single day.

Q6: Can I import my data to or export my data out of GRC ONE™ ?


Yes of course.  The system comes complete with a set of import and export functionality that allows you to extract your data should you wish to manipulate it in a tool such as MS Excel or should you decide not to renew your subscription.